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Yonex offers an isometric head shape in all of their performance frames. The isometric shape allows for a larger, more forgiving sweet spot.

Aero Fin technology. Aero fin are groves in the head of the frame that allow for less wind resistance and faster frame acceleration.


Magnesium Bride: The introduction of the magnesium bridge in the MXG line allows for more stability in the hoop at impact.

Graphene 360. The introduction of Graphene 360 at 3,9 and 12 o'clock provide increased torsional stability.


Volkl Super Grommet Technology. This technology combines the super feel technology, which allows the strings to move more freely in different directions, with the V-Sponse technology which increases the amount of spring from the string. In short, the grommet system provides increased dampening and power.

VSensor Handle comes with a unique EVA molded mass dampener pendulum pin for increased vibration dampening


Powerstab : To allow the stringbed greater dampening and more power transfer into the ball, they have increased the length of the main strings with a convex yok design.

ArmorCap bumper system provides the head of the racquet with advanced protection against court contact.


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