Clash 100 Tour


The Clash 100 Tour will revolutionize your game like no other racquet. With a combination of control and flexibility, you will be sure to notice a difference in your game right away. At 10.9oz unstrung, this Clash 100 Tour is perfect for an intermediate player who wants to reach new levels of their game.

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    • 11.95 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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The Wilson Clash 100 Tour is truly a frame like no other! Up to 10.9 unstrung weight from the Clash 100 (10.4oz), the Tour provides extra stability and plow through for players looking for a little more out of their racquet. The Clash 100 Tour is the most flexible racquet on the market that maintains a powerful yet controllable feel. Powered by FreeFlex: a revolutionary technology that makes the Clash 100 Tour the world’s first racquet to bend with any swing you may have. The flexibility in the Clash 100 Tour is provided by StableSmart. Along with flexibility comes stability, which makes for a very arm-friendly yet forgiving and powerful racquet. When making an off-center hit, the Clash 100 Tour retains a solid and lively feel compared to other racquets vibrating extensively on the same shot. The Clash 100 Tour blends Dynamic Stability X-Section technology to support the flexibility of this one of a kind racquet. Final Thought: Players who want a very comfortable racquet with a little extra weight should go with the Clash 100 Tour. “Demo today, buy tomorrow!”