Gravity S


Welcome to the Gravity S, which is part of Head’s ALL NEW line of racquets. The Gravity line features Graphene 360+ technology. This combines the stability of Graphene 360 WITH SpiralFibers located in the lower head, which provides enhanced flex and clean impact feel. At 104 sq inch headsize, innovated teardrop head shape, and weighing just 10.1 oz unstrung, the Gravity S is a perfect lighter frame for those looking for a massive sweetspot with controllable power. High beginners to intermediate players will appreciate the value of a frame like the Gravity S when hitting with clean contact.

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    • 11.95 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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The world of Gravity is here with Head’s all NEW family of racquets. With the Gravity S you have a 104 sq inch head coupled with a medium weight (10.1 oz unstrung), and Graphene 360+ technology that provide more power and forgiveness (with control) than a standard racquet of this size. Graphene 360+ enhances what people love with Graphene 360 but with the addition of SpiralFibers in the head (provides a cleaner feel and enhanced flex). Include an innovated teardrop head shape only promotes the massive sweet spot and forgiveness one expects with a 104 sq inch racquet head size. You should not worry about hitting the ball clean with the Gravity S and its forgiving frame design. At the net the Gravity S maneuvers as one expects allowing easy movement to reach any shot. Final Thought: High beginners and intermediates will love the easy movement the S provides including the large contact point. Sticking volleys and blocking hard serves are no sweat thanks to the Graphene 360+ technology. “Demo today, buy tomorrow!”