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Compared to the previous generation of Instincts, the Graphene 360 Instinct MP from Head provides you with a more stabilizing and powerful response due to polarized weighting at specific locations around the top of the frame (Graphene 360 technology). Weighing 10.6 oz unstrung and having a standard 100 sq inch head size, this is a racquet with specs that can fit almost any player. Power is everywhere with this racquet and if that is your forte, then this racquet is meant for you. Intermediate players with a medium/fast swing will achieve power with ease from the Instinct MP.

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    • 11.95 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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The Instincts are back and better than ever with Graphene 360 technology! Graphene 360 provides the benefits of polarized weighting around the head, which gives a more stable feel, better response at contact, and additional power. Compared to the previous generation, this Instinct MP provides easy power to players but will provide great feedback upon ball contact. Coming in at 10.6 oz unstrung, 100 sq inch head size, and having a standard 16×19 string pattern, spin with power and forgiveness are easy to come by. The bigger the cut you take at the ball, the more you will be rewarded with this Instinct. Thanks to the extra stability from the Graphene 360 technology, putting away volleys and pounding groundstrokes from the baseline are the forte of this Instinct. Final Thought: If you are an intermediate player, you will enjoy the power and forgiveness the Instinct MP has to offer. You will receive a solid and crisp feel upon contact when being aggressive thanks to the Graphene 360 technology. The Instinct MP is a definite recommend for those who desire power and play with intensity. “Demo today, buy tomorrow!”