Pure Drive


The Pure Drive is back!  The new version is packing a punch.  In addition to the added power, our staff found this version much more comfortable.

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    • 11.95 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 59 lbs

    Main String Options:

    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 59 lbs

    Cross String Options:

    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 59 lbs

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The legendary Pure Drive is back and better than ever.  The Pure Drive has always been known for easy power.  This new version does not disappoint.   There are many technology updates that have been added to the 2018 model.  The FSI power technology is added to the string bed.  The wider spaced string bed, and diamond shaped grommets allow for the string to move more freely.  What this results to on the court is more power and more spin.  Our play testers noted a much heavier ball versus the previous model.  The cortex system has also been updated with viscoelastic rubber.  This results in a more muted and more comfortable feel.  All in all, our staff overwhelmingly enjoyed this newest version.  Demo today!