Ultra 100 Countervail


The new Ultra 100 CV has come out with a bang! Consistently a top selling racquet in store. It’s appeal spans a wide range of players. The easy power and comfort is appealing to players from 3.5 and up. Give us a call today to reserve a demo.

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    Stringing Style

    • 11.95 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

    Main String Options:

    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

    Cross String Options:

    • 5.98 $

    Recommended tension 50 - 60 lbs

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The new Ultra 100 CV from Wilson is the second generation Ultra 100. This latest version is great for both intermediate and advanced players. Intermediate players will enjoy the fast easy swing of this racquet. Advanced players that are looking for a little lighter, more powerful offering will love this frame. Despite a stiffness rating of 74, this racquet is extremely comfortable. The new countervail technology really dampens this racquet quite nicely. At net this frame plays above it’s weight class. For a 10.6 (300 gram) racquet, it is very precise at net. Given all of the characteristics of this racquet we think it’s a great try for a wide range of players both intermediate and advanced.